We provide investors with support at every stage of the process related to a transaction on the commercial real estate market.
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Reporting and evaluation

We provide facilities owners with comprehensive information on the operation of their property. Conclusions and recommendations of Nuvalu advisors, based on analysis, experience and expert knowledge allow our clients to make the right decisions. Our priority is the maximum financial efficiency of investments and continuous improvement of building management, increasing their profitability.

We base our cooperation with our clients on the proprietary process of assessing and reporting their area and property. The stages of this process can be divided into:

  • Research

Working with a team of in-house experts and specially selected subcontractors, we collect the right information necessary for further analysis. We conduct both quantitative (based on collecting numerical data) and qualitative (broadening general knowledge of the location and situation of the property owner) studies with a tailor-made strategy.

  • Analysis

Using the experience and knowledge of Nuvalu advisors, we conduct a thorough analysis of data collected during the research phase.

  • Reporting

We prepare both a basic summary of applications and a comprehensive report that indicates on what basis they were based.

  • Recommendations

As part of the report, we present tactical and strategic action recommendations for the owner of a space or real estate.

  • Implementation

We offer support of a dedicated Project Manager who will help navigate the process of implementing recommendations to a given location.